Accelerating Development for the Consumer Products Industry

We provide consistent, accurate, rapid injection molding services to consumer product manufacturers for a myriad of applications.

Build and Test Consumer Products Faster With Manufacturing on Demand

We understand that the components we produce are on the critical path for pre-production testing, limited market release, and in many cases final production.

Due to the importance of this role, we understand that the components we produce are on the critical path for pre-production testing, limited market release, and in many cases final production. Due to the importance of this role, we work very closely with our clients’ design and procurement teams throughout each project to assure we deliver quality components according to a schedule they can count on. We also follow our streamlined production process to make sure the right people are in place from design to part.
Development speed and a well-designed, user-centric final product are critical to the success of companies launching consumer and computer electronic products and devices to different markets. Technology-enabled manufacturing processes can accelerate design cycles, lower development costs, and help support more SKUs and product customization that consumers now demand. From airplanes to automobiles to hospitals, electronics can be found nearly everywhere delivering value through advanced features and improving user experiences.

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities for Consumer Products

XTmade offers wide range of manufacturing processes for Consumer products prototypes and production parts.Get superior custom-manufactured consumer goods with cutting-edge technology, proprietary processes, and commitment to quality.

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Rapid Prototyping

We offer the industry’s finest rapid prototyping services to support your new product development goals.
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CNC Machining

By using CNC milling & turning, we can make a wide range of prototypes and production parts
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Injection Molding

Competitively priced, high-quality plastic prototypes and production parts with fast lead times.

Quality You Can Trust With Inspection & Material Verification

Consumer products need to meet many different international standards of compliance for materials. This is meant to protect the health and safety of both the end user and the environment. We take compliance very seriously for all of our customers, which is why we’ve invested in advanced scientific testing and verification equipment to qualify all incoming raw materials.
For your peace of mind, our facility is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Range Of In-House Finishing Services Available

Consumer products place a premium on beautiful cosmetic finishes to really set them apart in a crowded marketplace. We offer world-class finishing services for your metal or plastic parts that include millions of colors in matte, gloss, metallic, rubberized, clear coats and more. And we also have anodizing, chrome plating or powder coating to achieve exactly the look and performance you need.


Why Product Prototype Development?

The business strategy of companies has been transformed to “respond to market demand quickly”, and the time factor is above all. Under the requirement, the competitiveness of companies lies in how to create new product prototypes as soon as possible to validate the design of product developers and iterate quickly to bring a new product idea to market faster to appeal to your target audience.
A product prototype is like a “toolbox” for designers and engineers to verify that the design meets the specifications or requirements defined in the prototype development process.

What Type Of Product Prototype Is Needed?

From idea to first prototype, it can be said that the initial stages of product development from concept design to prototype development are a long and complicated process. However, validate if idea works is very necessary before moving to mass production. The appropriate utility of prototype techniques can make the product prototyping processes more dynamic and effective, reducing the chance of failure. In fact, product prototypes can be verified throughout the entire design and development cycle, including the physical prototype, visual prototype, working prototype and low volume manufacturing.

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XTmade is one of the world’s leading rapid injection molding service providers thanks to our experienced design and manufacturing team, proprietary manufacturing expert system, and state-of-the-art injection mold fabrication and molding in our ISO-certified factory system.
We produce prototype-injected components in as little as five days, which enables our customers to reduce time-to-market, increase development iterations, and maintain flexibility longer before committing to high-volume tooling.
We mold commercially available polymers commonly used in consumer products, including glass-filled nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, and polypropylene. We also offer insert molding, overmolding, and a range of standard and custom textures.
We stress and strain test our prototypes, ensuring we can eliminate any factors that may introduce failures in the systems we develop. Other tests we conduct include chemical resistance, mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, standard tests, and durability.

What kind of consumer products can we make?

In the modern age, personalized and tailored consumer products are the norm. From custom designs to unique color and material options, XTmade’s innovative manufacturing model gives you an advanced competitive edge.

  • Personal products
  • Electronic devices housings
  • Wearable devices
  • Cookware products
  • Athletics and sporting equipment
  • Home Furnishings
  • Smart home products
  • Accessory components
  • Virtual reality products
  • Buttons
  • Handles
  • Knobs
  • Switches
  • Lenses
  • Fixtures
  • Consoles
  • Heat sinks

Custom Parts for Consumer Goods Industry

From houseware to cosmetic packaging, XTmade has been accelerating prototypes, achieving flexible manufacturing solutions, and other business-oriented processes. We are capable of accurate and precise 3D printing, CNC machining, secondary processes, injection molding, rapid prototyping, and much more. we can accomplish any consumer goods production, prototype, and other processes that meet your goals while staying within your requirements.

Ready to get started? We make it easy!

We encourage you to contact us regarding your next development project. Our team is ready to provide manufacturability analysis, design recommendations, and molding services customized to your injection molding needs.

XTmade is a custom quick-turn manufacturer focused on plastic injection molding in the rapid manufacturing industry. We differentiate through our advanced technologies, proprietary manufacturing processes, rapid turnaround times, and the competence of our technical engineering team.

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