A complete guide to the rubber insert molding process

Rubber insert molding is the molding of rubber material around a pre-inserted object, such as a metal or plastic part, to create a finished product with the desired shape, function, and durability. Rubber insert molding is commonly used to produce various products, including automotive parts, electronic components, medical devices, and household items. It offers many […]

A guide to on-demand manufacturing for low-volume injection molding

For a long time, the rapid and flexible production of injection-molded parts with high life expectancy and use requirements has become an urgent problem for the mold manufacturing industry. With the diversification and individualization of social needs and the application of many new materials and processes, the structural form and cavity requirements of modern molds […]

Understanding the Design and Application of ABS Plastic Injection Molding

Introduction ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic is a popular thermoplastic polymer in injection molding. Typically used in consumer products and electronics, ABS injection molding is not resistant to sunlight and weather, so this option may not be the best solution for outdoor products. However, there are additives in the ABS injection molding process that can […]

What are the benefits of the low pressure overmolding process?

low pressure overmolding2

In conventional injection molding, thermoplastic materials are melted at high temperatures, injected into a metal mold at very high pressure, and then cooled to harden. Traditional injection molding is typically used to make many individual parts. The thermoplastic cures and molds around any part in the mold but does not adhere to the part or […]

ABS material and injection molding processing needs attention

ABS material and injection molding processing1

ABS, because of its great mechanical strength and good overall performance, occupies an important position in the electronic industry, mechanical industry, transportation, building materials, toy manufacturing, and other industries, especially in slightly larger box structures and force parts; the need for plating decoration is inseparable from this plastic. ABS blister is a high-strength engineering plastic […]

How companies should customize plastic parts

Custom Injection Molding Plastic 1

Plastic products are a general term for everyday life, industrial, and other items made of plastic as the main raw material. It includes all plastic injection molding processes, blister molding, and other products. The production of plastic products generally includes plastic batching, molding, processing, bonding, decorating, and assembling. The latter four processes are carried out […]

Need to understand the complete process of custom plastic parts

Custom plastic parts production1

Many customers contact us online to order plastic parts, but most of them don’t know much about the plastic processing industry and don’t know how the specific process of making plastic parts works. This has led to some unnecessary communication barriers. Today I am here to briefly sort out the basic process of making plastic […]