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Prototype Injection Molding Service

XTmade is a leading provider of rapid prototype injection molding for a broad array of applications across most major industry segments.

The main purpose of prototype injection molding is functional testing to make sure the mold is perfectly designed and manufactured prior to start en-masse productions. Prototypes also turn out to be the best solution for low volume or niche productions. XTmade can serve both purposes and offer you a complete service that goes from mold design up to actual injection molding. Here’s how.

Our Capabilities

Over time we have developed the ability to quickly address the majority of thermoplastic molding applications within a given range of component sizes.

  • Prototype injection molding and low volume injection molding from 25 parts
  • Material expertise:
    • Large in-house material selection
    • Custom material selection and sourcing services
    • Custom Colors (Any Color and Color Matching)
  • Simple to complex molded components:
    • Internal and external threads
    • Custom insert molding
    • Standard threaded insert molding
    • Over-molding two or more plastic materials
  • Parts up to 24″ x 24″ x 5″
  • Multi-component assemblies
  • Medical device molding (except implantable devices, no in-house cleanroom capabilities)
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Benefits of Rapid Prototyping Plastic Parts

Rapid prototype injection molding is a preferred method that not only helps engineers and designers confirm part quality, but also delivers real-world parts that can be market-tested before designs are considered finalized. In addition to design verification and structural validation, you can use rapid prototype injection molding to help finalize tooling designs for your long term production runs. Other benefits of making prototype plastic parts before full scale manufacturing begins include:

  • Faster & More Reliable Product Launch: Many products fail to succeed for many reasons, including costs and price miscalculations, lack of market testing, and worst of all—product failures. Rapid prototyping and market testing can reduce these challenges before a product launch.
  • Better Product Functionality & Appearance: When products are judged aesthetically based on engineering drawings and visualizations, they often fail to impress in real-world production scenarios. You can also field-test a prototype sample for functionality and aesthetics.
  • More Efficient Design Process: A prototype can actually help shorten the overall engineering and design review phases of a new product. And, when you have a prototype plastic part in hand, you can easily convince its market viability to stakeholders.
  • Reduced Tooling Costs: When manufacturers don’t prototype, they often have to rework their production tooling. If you opt for rapid prototype injection molding, you’ll find and address any challenges before you make expensive production molds.

Rapid injection molding greatly benefits buyers of products with strict appearance requirements and functionality early in product launch phases. Before you spend extra on production tooling, contact Anpllo for a quote rapid prototype injection molding.

XTmade is your one-stop partner for rapid prototype injection molding services

At XTmade, we help our customers bring their ideas to reality. While we offer an array of services, such as CNC Machining or 3D Printing which are used to prototype parts, many of our customers are looking to take their prototyping needs to the next level. Our prototype molding services can help you bridge the gap between initial prototypes to validating your product for full production runs.

Our prototyping molding services are non-limiting. Take advantage of all the same technologies, materials, and finishing options XTmade offers within our plastic injection molding services to get the same quality of parts you can expect from a total production run with no minimums. Our project managers and engineers will work closely with you to understand your project's unique requirements and help you make informed decisions to optimize for the lowest costs and fastest lead times.

Design Consultations

Design consultation is complimentary to guarantee your prototype will proceed to production without a hitch!

Our team of experts can help you from start to finish with your prototype molding applications. Whether you need injection molding services for your rapid prototype, or CNC machined parts, we've got you covered. We provide you with the highest quality materials and premier service. The XTmade team has the skills and knowledge to take your design from concept to reality in any order size. We excel in building epoxy, aluminum, and steel molds to your specifications.

Industries served by XTmade

XTmade has earned a reputation as a leading provider of rapid prototype injection molding by supporting clients from across a wide range of industries, each with specific requirements.which has given us both broad experience and a high degree of stability.  A sampling of the industries served:

  • Medical device
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial equipment
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Computer and Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
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Speak to an XTmade rapid injection molding expert about your next project

For your next injection molding project, we encourage you to speak with one of our molding experts in the U.S. to explore how we can help you achieve your goals.  Because we design, produce molds, and mold parts in-house, we have had success on thousands of projects over the years, and we have met almost every challenge our customers are likely to face.  This will help us guide you to a solution that has the highest probability of succeeding on time to the agreed level of quality.

In a typical project we will initiate a consultation over the phone and web once we have received your IGES or STEP file and basic requirements: material, surface finish, production volume, and desired delivery date.  Based on this information we will prepare an initial quotation within 24 hours, but often as little as one hour.  Thereafter, in the initial discussion we will cover the basic requirements of the individual component, the project application so that we understand the context, project timeline, prototype and production volume requirements, and other factors to help us properly advise the client.  In most instances a design for manufacturability assessment will be made using advanced mold-flow simulation tools and consultation with additional molding experts if needed.

Once we have agreed on the project parameters, have aligned on the project success criteria, and have confirmed the receipt of your purchase order we will kick off the project formally.  Thereafter you will continue to work with your customer account manager throughout the project as needed.  The phases are:

  • Initial design review & design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Material sourcing (if not a stock XME resin)
  • Mold design
  • Mold production
  • Injection molding try-out and sample part production (typically 25 samples)
  • Sample confirmation or request for engineering change(s)
  • Production
  • Inspection and shipping

Depending on the complexity of the project and certain aspects of your product design, we may need to initiate one or more engineering changes to achieve a successful outcome.  While we do our utmost to avoid these changes, some combinations of features, materials, and other design specific attributes do not lend themselves to injection molding and require modifications to the component, the tool, or both.

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