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On-Demand Manufacturing

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On-demand manufacturing, a real game-changer for your business!

On-demand manufacturing heralds a game-changing opportunity for businesses of all sizes. It levels the playing field for smaller enterprises, enabling them to rival their larger counterparts. By embracing on-demand manufacturing, small businesses gain the ability to offer customized products and significantly reduce lead times, thus setting them apart in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

This dynamic manufacturing approach empowers businesses to become more agile and responsive to the ever-evolving demands of their customers. The capacity to swiftly produce new products or variations of existing ones allows businesses to adapt swiftly to market shifts and maintain a competitive edge.

Moreover, on-demand manufacturing is a catalyst for a more sustainable manufacturing industry. It paves the way for waste reduction and minimizes excess inventory, thereby diminishing the environmental footprint of businesses and fostering responsible and eco-conscious practices. At Xtmade, we’re dedicated to assisting you in harnessing the full potential of on-demand manufacturing, revolutionizing your business for a brighter, more responsive, and sustainable future.

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How Does Xtmade Works?

We are a worldwide on-demand manufacturing company that helps businesses meet their every production requirement. Once you submit your project details, we take care of every aspect of it. Be it designing, prototyping, or mass-production — we are your one-stop shop. Then, after the project is completed, we ship it to your doorsteps.

Quality Services

Professional Services

Let's Start A New Project Today

When it comes to bringing your ideas to life, we’re here to make it happen. With our one-stop manufacturing solution, we offer a seamless journey from concept to creation, providing you with innovative solutions that meet your specific requirements. Experience the power of on-demand manufacturing and enjoy the efficiency and quality you deserve. Trust us to deliver what you need, when you need it, ensuring fast turnaround times, flexibility, and unwavering reliability. Let us be your partner in turning your vision into reality.

First Article Inspection

On request, we also offer a first article inspection for custom production orders that exceed a price of 5000 USD or 50 units.


1. Offer first article inspection

We offer first article inspection services for batch production.

2. Draft contract

We review on the project and contact customer for detail information.

3. Produce sample

We produce sample parts according to FAI agreement and deliver to you.

4. Full-scale production

The full-scale production starts and finishes production within lead time.


1. Request inspection

You request first article inspection for a project that meets our FAI requirements..

2. Sign contract

You sign the FAI agreement provided by us and agree on our Terms and Conditions.

3. Receive sample

You receive and examine the parts, inform us of full-scale production may begin.

4. Receive products

You receive your prototypes or production parts on the required lead time.

Benefits of using on-demand manufacturing

Professional Services

Why Choose Us for On-Demand Manufacturing?


XTmade is a leading on-demand manufacturing company that cost-effectively meets all your business needs. We have our full-fledged setups in USA & China, and we offer comprehensive off-shore services from there as well. When you are withXTmade, we take complete responsibility for your project till the delivery. From CNC to 3d systems on-demand manufacturing, get the best on-demand services; contact us to know more.

One-Stop Solution: We assist our clients at every stage of growth so that they can fulfill Industry 4.0 standards and succeed competitively. Industry 4.0 standards are adhered throughout the entire manufacturing process, from designing to fast prototyping, manufacture, post-production, sales, and marketing.

Wide-ranging Material Support: We provide a wide selection of industrial-grade materials to satisfy all your 3D printing demands. We provide a selection of more than 40 materials, comprising ceramics, metals, and plastics, to cover all bases. We can also provide a specific material without requiring a minimum order quantity.

Worldwide Delivery: Our internal workshops around the world are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and we offer both on-site and off-site custom manufacturing services. Additionally, XTmade offers digital manufacturing services, such as 3D printing and CNC machining alternatives, to clients all over the world.

Customized/On-Demand Services XTmade, a reputable custom 3D printing business, is dedicated to giving its clients access to cutting-edge 3D components and products. XTmade is your go-to 3D printing business for all your 3D prototyping needs and provides the most competitively priced, top-notch online 3D printing services worldwide.

Guaranteed Quality: XTmade is focused on providing you with all the high-quality 3D printing and other digital manufacturing services that you may require. To guarantee that every single product we produce is of the highest quality, XTmade works with a committed team of quality control experts.

End Overproduction with On-Demand Manufacturing

It might be time to rethink your supply chain in order to optimize your business production and finances. On-demand manufacturing adds flexibility to your business to face unpredictable demands or events. This is a way for you to focus your resources on only fulfilling what you are going to be paid for, rather than wasting energy, time, and money on building stock. Moreover, being flexible enough in your manufacturing process allows you to adapt to the variability of demand. On-demand manufacturing is changing the manufacturing industry, be a part of it and get the reactivity to compete!

Use XTmade for your On-Demand Manufacturing

Professional Services

XTmade provides the entire range of prototyping and manufacturing services. Each stage of the process is completed under the same roof. Our engineers are ready to assist with designs, material selection, and your CAD drawings. All our production departments are connected for better communication, security, and efficiency. No matter the project size, every customer has the full weight of our services behind them.

On Demand Manufacturing parts

Push your limits with Xtmade’s On-Demand Manufacturing

Eliminate overproduction by adopting on-demand manufacturing. Now is the time to optimize your production, finances, and adaptability. Focus your resources where you’ll get paid, not hoard them. On-demand manufacturing enables you to respond to unpredictable market changes and take reactive measures to stay competitive. Join Xtmade’s manufacturing revolution and push your limits. Start a quote now!

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