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Bridge Tooling Service

Ready to start scaling production or need parts in hand quicker than your production tooling lead time? Our bridge tooling services will help you bridge the gap between the initial stages and high-volume production.

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Production Materials

We understand the importance of actual materials and low volume pilot builds. Injection moulding is used for development as well as the production of parts and is associated with high production volumes. Beginning testing on products is necessary when bridging the gap to production. Selecting the appropriate plastic prototyping method is essential to how successful a project will be.

Speed remains the main driver behind bridge tooling. We adjust our processing without altering your designs. Our bridge tooling services can produce high volume parts on or before normal production times. If for any reason you have any questions or comments about our bridge tooling program, Please feel free to contact us.

Our Bridge Tooling for injection molding programs uses standard mold base frames with customized core and cavity inserts to manufacture your design. We use our quick turn Machining and EDM processes to produce full detail core and cavity inserts, delivering the production quality surfaces and tolerances your advanced manufacturing designs require.

Producing metal parts with our low volume casting solutions enables you to get parts for your testing and design and validating your manufacturing processes. Our processes can produce production grade parts in record time. Going with an inexpensive plastic prototyping option in the beginning may seem more cost effective, but will cost you in the long run when full production begins and fit and function issues arise.

Bridge tooling pre-production quantities of plastics potential part volumes to be in the millions. If for any reason you have any questions or comments about our bridge tooling program, Please feel free to contact us.

Bridge Tooling Pilot Production As A Cost Effective Solution

50,000, 100,000, 250,000? More??? How does 1 million components sound?

Bridge tooling, soft tooling, pilot production, semi-production, market testing, gap testing, etc. Called by any name it still is pre-production quantities for plastic products with volumes that may need millions of parts.

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Bridge Tooling Benefits

As the name implies, bridge tooling helps you "bridge the gap" between initial product development phases and high-volume production. For many customers, bridge tooling and molding offer a unique sweet spot that is beneficial when compared to other levels of production. Below are some of the key benefits of using this type of rapid production tooling:

When Should You Consider Bridge Tooling?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where your project fits in the manufacturing hierarchy. When it comes to bridging tools, there are some comparisons and considerations you can make to help you determine if it is the best solution for your needs. XTmade can help you. Our industry experts would be happy to discuss your project in more detail to help you make an informed decision!

What to consider when exploring bridge tooling production

Subject Consideration

Tool Life

Bridge tools are generally made of more robust materials than the softer materials used with prototype tooling molds and thus will hold up longer. Additional maintenance may be required before 50,000 shots are performed.

Mold Texturing & Polishing

The higher toughness of bridge tools, when compared with ones made for prototyping, makes them excellent for texturing and polishing applications as they will not wear as quickly. All of our mold finish offerings are suitable.

Gating Methods

In addition to basic gate strategies like edge, direct, and fan gating, bridge tools may also utilize hot-runners or hot manifold systems to meet the project requirements. High shear applications are also suitable.

Mold Classes

Mold classes for bridge tools typically range from 104, 103, and 102 and are typically made of steel such as P20 Steel.

Material Selection

All injection molding materials we offer are available. Custom or specialty materials can also be explored upon request.

Tool Origin

XTmade offers international molding options. US-based molding is typically the quickest, while international prototype tooling will be the most economical at the expense of additional lead time.

How Bridge Tooling Can Mitigate Supply Issues

Bridge tooling is an important part of the development process. Also referred to as rapid tooling, it represents a stage in development that bridges the gap between prototyping and final production when there is a need for molded parts and production tooling is not yet available. The XTmade offers tool rapid prototyping for projects big and small!

Bridge tooling can be required under many circumstances. For example, your company may have approved prototypes and traditional production tooling already procured. If you have an immediate demand and supply via traditional production tooling is not yet ready, bridge tooling is utilized to fill demand until production tooling is ready to run. Bridge tooling allows a company to create volumes which otherwise would be too time consuming or costly when using production tooling. Furthermore, bridge tooling is useful if you need a “trial run” ahead of production for evaluation or inspection. Both the amount of product needed and costs are considerations when using bridge tooling.

Production tooling molds produce accurate and precise parts with consistency. However, it can take a great deal of time and investment to have production tooling put into place. Permanent production tooling needs to endure high volume use. It is made from extremely durable materials such as hardened steel. Bridge tooling uses material such as silicone and aluminum to fill more immediate requirements.

Silicone, in a process also known as urethane casting, is often used in bridge tooling. A silicone rubber tool is shaped around a master to mimic those to be used in production tooling. Silicone tooling is best for lower production runs of up to a few hundred parts. Aluminum is a material frequently used in bridge tooling for slightly higher quantities. It allows for faster machining and has malleable properties. An aluminum mold can be put into production in about two weeks, and is suitable for smaller production runs of a few hundred or few thousand pieces of merchandise.

Supply issues are some of our customers’ biggest concerns, with shortages in materials and labor impacting businesses across industries. 

For business leaders with products waiting to go to market, supply shortages pose a challenge that can be resolved with rapid tooling.

Bridge tooling acts as a safety net to protect your business against unforeseen delays. When final production tooling is unavailable or delayed, bridge tooling is your solution.

Our expert team will provide bridge tooling until you can secure a long-term solution. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 rapid tooled parts, our high-quality work will protect your business, customer relationships, and reputation.

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